Green Iceberg Community Garden Sponsorship

Garden Bed Leasing Opportunities 

Choose a garden bed size, pay your leasing fee and you’re on your way to begin growing healthy food and/or flowers in your garden at Green Iceberg.



Sponsorship Opportunities

When you Adopt-a-Garden you commit to two years of bonding in nature with your “team” (staff, volunteers, students, friends, and family) while serving a community that needs your help. Adoptees choose a Garden Space that has a budgeted starting cost.
Don’t have a “team”?
Sponsor-A-Garden and we’ll find the “team” to do the work for you.
In-Kind Donations accepted

Consider making an in-kind donation as well. Plants, Seeds, fertilizer, Planting Soil, Timber-lok Bolts, Wood Screws, etc. Some examples include 100 tomatoes plants, 250 Cucumber seeds, or 300 wood screws.

Item# availableSponsorship Amount
Herb Beds
Rectangle 8’x4′ Raised-beds10$250
Rectangle 12’x4′ Raised-beds21$400
L-Shaped 12’x12’x4′ Raised-beds  12$450
Pollinator Gardenfulfilled$500
Children’s Garden fulfilled$600 
Sitting Bench1$800
Information Center 1$1,000 
Senior Garden Sponsor (ADA Compliant)1$1,250 
Fertilizer Level Sponsormultiple$25-$225
Corporate Sponsormultiple$2,000+

Green Iceberg Community Garden Team
Contact: Rosalind Cook-Hillian, Project Coordinator