Community Garden

at Rawls Creek Park at Friarsgate

Community organizations and community members have partnered with

the Town of Irmo to create a one-of-kind Community Garden at

1113 Friarsgate Boulevard
Irmo, S.C

Our mission is to

Inform, Educate, Inspire, and Empower

people how to live a healthier, more productive, and wholesome 

 lifestyle through embracing an intuitive mindset for 

 Discovering the Future….Today.

In addition to the Garden itself, there will be an overhead-covered Pavilion that will serve as an Outdoor Learning Laboratory for students officially enrolled in after-school programs, as well as for use by other civic and community groups.

Themed lessons focusing on Math, Science, and Nutrition can be enhanced in this Outdoor Classroom setting and become an integral part of the Educational process for Children, Teachers, and Parents. There will be future opportunities where Volunteers can help with the year-round process of planning, planting, nurturing, and harvesting produce for donation to the local food bank. 

This garden’s design and setting can also serve as a retreat or an escape paradise from the fast-paced routine of everyday life for individuals who live in the neighborhood.  It’s a well-known fact that the practice of gardening can easily facilitate conversations with strangers. And such conversations can become a spread of knowledge and wisdom that can inspire or empower others to become more successful Gardeners themselves. And what better way to encourage such a transfer of knowledge than through a thoughtfully designed “ADA Compliant” Senior’s Garden that will be right next to the craftily designed Children’s “Zigzag Wall” Garden!

In addition to the beneficial interaction between gardeners, a Community Garden also has a tendency of creating a more cooperative and helpful bond between citizens. Yes, community gardening has a great potential for bringing people together, and for building and enhancing relationships.


Rosalind Cook-Hillian
Project Coordinator

​When you Adopt-a-Garden you commit to two years of bonding in nature with your “team” (staff, volunteers, students, friends, and family) while serving a community that needs your help. Adoptees choose a Garden Space that has a budgeted starting cost.

 Don’t have a “team”? Sponsor-A-Garden and we’ll find the “team” to do the work for you.




Lease a Garden Bed

If you’re interested in growing your own fresh vegetables or flowers but lack the space to do so, you can lease a garden bed at the Green Iceberg Community Garden. There are four garden bed sizes to choose from, depending on your needs. 

Community gardens are a great way to increase physical activity, improve mental health and enrich social health. Come on, don’t “squash” the idea! Call your friends and participate together, or lease a garden bed on your own and come out and make new friends. 

Digging it? Review our garden lease agreement and sign up today to lease your garden bed.

Pink and green flyer with lease options for the Green Iceberg Community Garden